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Why Should You Choose Us?

Resources on-hand

Establishing an engineering department is a costly endeavour involving:


  • Licensing fees and wait times.

  • Software and equipment costs.

  • Hiring engineers and technologists.

  • Developing internal design process standards.

  • Managing resources.


For start-ups and small-scale manufacturers, this results in focus being drawn away from the project at hand, costing time and money at a sensitive juncture in the design process.


These resources have all been established at Enable Innovation Product Development Inc. and are available on an “as-needed” basis. 


Our goal is to provide your business with all the product development and design resources you need, as you need them, to get your project moving to full-scale production. Which will result in saving your company the time and money involved in establishing these resources internally. 


If we don’t have a specific capability immediately available in-house; we’re ready and willing to develop them as needed, ensuring we have that capability for future use while saving your company development costs.


When or if your company is in the right position to develop these resources internally; we’re available to help you establish your own engineering department based on the standards and practices we’ve developed with you.

Knowledge & Experience

Effective design in commercial product development relies on the understanding of several factors, including, but not limited to:


  • Functionality.

  • Legal requirements.

  • Safety standards.

  • Material properties and availability.

  • Manufacturability.

  • Mass and distribution costs.

  • Aesthetics.


Regardless of the nature of the product, these factors will affect the final design of the product in some way.


Many of these factors relate to empirical data or industry standards, such as legal requirements, safety standards, and material properties.  Though this information is publicly available, it’s not always easy to find; costing time when time is at a premium.


Other factors, such as manufacturability, material availability, as well as mass and distribution costs, are often developed from experience as well as relationships with vendors and suppliers. Developing these relationships and knowledge base takes time and is usually done by trial and error.


Factors such as functionality and aesthetics are determined based on your vision for the product but are often greatly affected by all the other factors.


We offer our services with these factors taken into consideration. Your vision for your product is paramount, as you have the best understanding of what it must do, who the target market is, and what it needs to look like so it will meet your companies branding image. Our goal is to work with your vision, while taking all other factors into consideration, to ensure your design is as efficient and economical as possible.

Connection to the local economy

The prospect of outsourcing manufacturing to overseas vendors may be appealing for many product start-ups, and may even result in reduced production costs, but there are several reasons to consider sourcing your manufacturing locally. 


Time is probably the most significant reason to consider local manufacturing. Lead times for products manufactured overseas are generally longer than local manufacturing primarily due to shipping. 


Delivery delays often prove detrimental to development, especially when awaiting prototype components or first articles for inspection.  Initial lead times are generally excessive to begin with, often several months and any issues found with these components require a similar lead time to correct.


Excessive distance from the manufacturer may also result in losses enroute, shipping delays, and unforeseen import and export costs.


All of these issues will impact the cost of your project, as well as the time it takes to get it to market.


Overseas manufacturing often creates legal issues which may impact your project; specifically, jurisdiction over the intellectual property, import and export laws, and regulatory standard requirements based on your target industry.  This can also cause significant delays and costs.


Depending on the nature of your product and/or business, you may find local manufacturing more suitable for some, if not all, of your components.


Though it may seem unlikely; many of the capabilities found overseas are available within Canada. 


Bonuses of local manufacturing include:


  • Faster turn around time for your components.

  • More ability for direct interaction during production.

  • Reducing costs associated with prototype production delays.

  • First article inspection and corrections during production.


Importantly, if the social-economic impact of your product is a crucial factor for your company or your target market. Leveraging local manufacturing supports the Canadian economy, as well as the local economy of the manufacturer while falling in line with your company's principles.


With our connection to local manufacturers and our understanding of their capabilities, we can provide your company with design and sourcing services, geared toward local manufacturing.


Regardless, whether you choose to manufacture locally or overseas; we offer development serviced to ensure efficient and practical manufacturing for both options.

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