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Prototype Support

Prototype production is an important step in the development process relevant to:


  • Whether the prototype is used for showcasing the initial product in business deals or related situations.

  • Refining the form and function of the design.

  • Developing manufacturing processes.

  • Enhancing marketing.


For these reasons and more having a physical representation of your product before production manufacturing is an asset.


Developing a prototype product is challenging for any business on a budget, and usually involves significant trial and error with several iterations, before the product is ready for manufacturing.

As such, knowing what processes and materials to use, as well as having access to those processes and materials, is key for ensuring efficient and economical prototype development.


Prototype production may prove challenging even for businesses with manufacturing capabilities in place. Setting up a machine for prototyping removes that machine from a production process which may be a source of revenue.  Prototyping internally generally provides no immediate revenue and may result in prolonged development delays; tying up the machine, costing time and money.


Our prototyping support includes determining the most effective and efficient prototyping process based on the requirements for the prototype, as well as sourcing the capabilities to produce it. 


These sources may include in-house capabilities, either ours or yours, or those of other local prototyping companies, depending on what best suits the design.

Regardless of the process involved; our goal is to ensure your prototype suits your needs and budget.

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