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Manufacturing Support

Balancing contracts, finding work sources, and keeping work flowing through a shop are often the primary challenges for any shop owner.  Our manufacturing support services are available to help your business overcome these challenges by acting as the intermediary between you and local innovators.


In working with local innovators, our goal is to encourage local manufacturing.  To achieve this, we endeavour to understand and promote existing local capabilities, as well as help develop new capabilities, and employ that knowledge to develop components suited to the capabilities of local manufacturing as much as possible.


Part of the services we offer to local manufacturers is initial work sourcing and contract management to build a connection between producers and designers.  When sourcing manufacturing for our innovation clients, we first look to the local manufacturers whose capabilities are suitable.


Manufacturers who wish to be included in our sourcing process need only provide us with information regarding their capabilities and limitations, and express interest through written consent.


Manufacturers will then be contacted to provide a quote for manufacturing that best suits their production capabilities. 


Only when a quote is approved, and a contract agreed upon, will a support fee be applied based on the overall value of the contract.  This fee covers limited technical and developmental support over the course of the contract, including; project management, first article inspection, and edits to engineering drawings and data to simplify manufacturing.


Upon completion of the initial contract; additional or extended contracts with our innovation clients may either be facilitated through Enable Innovation, or directly with the innovation client themselves. 


Our goal is to build the bonds between designers and manufacturers; it is up to them to maintain those bonds.


Whether your shop is working with a local innovator, working on your own projects, or developing a new internal process; our team is available to support you with economical CAD and Engineering services as needed. 


These services include jig/fixture design, tooling design, preparing engineering drawings for outsourcing, and/or researching, developing and sourcing new capabilities. 

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