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Helping Inventors  Make Their Ideas a Reality

You have an Idea but don't know where to start

Are you an innovator or entrepreneur with an idea for a physical product and need developmental support to bring it up to the next level? 


This “next level” could mean:


  • The move from a local incubator/accelerator to a small-scale manufacturing location.

  • The development of the product to facilitate ease of manufacturing.

  • The design of a prototype or proof of concept.

Regardless of the nature of the next level, the need remains the same. Development support on an “as needed” basis.

How do you know if this service is right for you?
  • You have an idea for a physical product which requires manufacturing, but lack the manufacturing capabilities, resources, knowledge and/or experience to increase production, or have relied on outsourced manufacturing and are interested in developing in-house and/or local manufacturing capabilities.


  • You have limited resources for developing manufacturing processes and require solutions which may be built upon to accommodate future growth.


  • You are interested in local manufacturing to reduce shipping costs and lead times, ensure a secure source for components, and/or benefit the local economy.​​

Some of the services we provide
  • Product development using Design for Manufacturing, Assembly and Disassembly (DFMAD) based on local and/or offshore production capabilities.


  • Production development for in-house manufacturing using small scale machining principals.


  • CAD modeling using SOLIDWORKS, with data delivered in native SOLIDWORKS formats as well as various other formats (iges, step, stl.).


  • Preparation and/or review of Engineering Drawings used for out-sourced manufacturing, based on the ASME Y14.100 – 2017 Engineering Drawing Practice standards.


  • Sourcing of and co-ordination with local manufacturing resources, project management, and process development for local production.


  • Prototyping based on local and in-house capabilities.

Consulting Services​

New innovators can leverage our knowledge, experience, capabilities, resources, and contacts to support their projects as needed.


This allows innovators to increase their engineering capabilities while limiting overhead and infrastructure costs.


This also translates into a reduction of time lost to staffing, sourcing, development, and research, as Enable Innovation becomes your on-demand engineering and technology department.

Free evaluation

Contact us and let us know what you need. We will evaluate your needs and determine how we can best assist you to accomplish what is required.

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