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Helping Manufacturers

Make Their Processes The Best They Can Be

How we help manufacturers

Our services are geared to keep the machines running and work flowing for manufacturers, based on their diverse production needs. 


The benefits for your company is the reduction of machine downtime between jobs, exposure to diverse industries, and access to engineering resources with knowledge of their in-house capabilities, which translates into reduced costs for process development.


Manufacturers also leverage Enable Innovation's research and development experience and knowledge when improving in-house processes, designing fixturing, or expanding capabilities.


As an added benefit, manufacturers are encouraged to partner with local Innovators on joint ventures, utilizing the connection created through Enable Innovation.


Manufacturers may leverage our engineering and technical capabilities to support their projects as needed.


This allows manufacturers to increase their engineering capabilities while limiting overhead and infrastructure costs.


This also translates into a reduction of time lost to staffing, sourcing, development, and research, as Enable Innovation becomes the manufacturers extended, on-demand engineering and technology department.

Some of our services offered to manufacturers
  • New product development or existing product improvement using Design for Manufacturing, Assembly, and Disassembly (DFMAD) based in-house and/or local production capabilities.


  • Development and/or design of accessories for, or variants of, existing products, using existing in-house and/or locally available capabilities.


  • Reverse engineering of components, assemblies, and/or full products for the purposes of producing space-claim models, accessories, or variations.


  • CAD modeling using SOLIDWORKS. Data delivered in native SOLIDWORKS formats as well as various other formats (iges, step, stl.).


  • Preparation and/or review of Engineering Drawings used for out-sourced manufacturing, based on the ASME Y14.100 – 2017 Engineering Drawing Practice standards.

  • Work sourcing and project management, based on existing in-house capabilities, with focus on supporting local innovators and manufacturers.

  • Capability improvement research and process development services focused on expanding local manufacturing resources.

  • Various other prototype, product design and manufacturing services and consulting as needed. More details in our services sections.

Reasons a manufacturer would use our services
  • They have an idea for a physical product which requires manufacturing but they lack the specific capabilities, resources, knowledge and/or experience.


  • They have limited resources for developing manufacturing processes and require solutions which may be built upon to ease future growth.


  • They are interested in local manufacturing to reduce shipping costs and lead times, ensure a secure source for components, and/or benefit the local economy.

Free evaluation

Contact us and let us know what you need. We will evaluate your needs and determine how we can best assist you to accomplish what is required.

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