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Education Support

We are currently developing our co-operative education and internship programs and will soon be accepting applicants.


The mission for our education support program is to prepare students for employment in product development engineering while offering opportunities to engage in meaningful engineering work relevant to their level of education and experience. 


To achieve this, we endeavour to work closely with the local education infrastructure and any organizations willing to support this program.


Students who excel in the program may be offered a permanent position with Enable Innovation.


We also will encourage our clients, vendors, and partners to employ students who have demonstrated their capabilities while participating in our program. Especially those who have worked directly with a client in the development of their product.


Together, with the help of local industries and schools, we endeavour to build local capabilities.

Mission Statement

"Our mission is to Enable the Innovators who change our world"

Ryan Pagnacco
CEO of Enable Innovation Product Development Inc.

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